Orange Tinted British Army Goggles

It has been a while since we last looked at a pair of goggles, tonight we are looking at a pair commonly worn by dispatch riders, tank crews and other British and Empire troops:imageThe outer frames are made of metal, with shatterproof orange tinted lenses within:imageThe orange tinting was supposed to cut down the glare from the sun and prevent eyes from becoming strained or damaged. The sides are sprung and have a padded section where the goggles touch the skin:imageTwo leather tabs are attached, one at each side, for the straps to be fastened to:imageThe straps on this pair have been modified to be secured by lengths of sting. The straps themselves are elasticated and adjusted by two small slider buckles:imageI can find no official markings on these goggles, and precious little in the way of imagery online. There are however a couple of nice period photographs showing them being worn such as this dispatch rider:untitledaAnd these Poles are using them to protect their eyes from snow blindness:untitledThese goggles seem pretty common and crop up every so often, often looking virtually unissued.

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