Inter-War Tropical Uniform Studio Postcard

One of the first stops a British soldier made when being stationed to a far flung station of Empire was often to the local photographic studio to have a souvenir postcard taken to send back to his loved ones. This postcard, from my collection, dates from the inter-war period and shows a soldier, proudly wearing his tropical kit, sat in a chair in some distant land:SKMBT_C36415091109260_0001 - CopyThe postcard has ‘To Dearest Mother’ written in the bottom right hand corner:SKMBT_C36415091109260_0001 - Copy - CopyThe soldier himself wears a uniform of a khaki Drill high necked tunic, secured by brass buttons and with a stand and fall collar:SKMBT_C36415091109260_0001 - Copy - Copy (2)He wears this with shorts and an 08 pattern belt:SKMBT_C36415091109260_0001 - Copy - Copy (3)On his head he wears a Wolseley helmet:SKMBT_C36415091109260_0001 - Copy - Copy (4)And a (sadly unreadable) metal shoulder title is fixed to the shoulder strap of the uniform:SKMBT_C36415091109260_0001 - Copy - Copy (5)Despite his youthful looks, the ring on his finger indicates he is married:SKMBT_C36415091109260_0001 - Copy - Copy (6)And he is clearly a pipe smoker:SKMBT_C36415091109260_0001 - Copy - Copy (7)His puttees display either a personal or regimental touch in having a distinctive ‘criss-cross’ pattern:SKMBT_C36415091109260_0001 - Copy - Copy (8)This pattern is not that easy to achieve, as this guide shows:imageHis hob-nailed ammunition boots are clearly of WW1 pattern as they lack a toe cap:SKMBT_C36415091109260_0001 - Copy - Copy (9)Sadly there is no indication of an exact name, regiment or date with this postcard; this is not uncommon I’m afraid. Nevertheless it remains a very evocative reminder of a forgotten world between the wars.

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