RAF 37 Pattern Basic Pouches

Webbing comes in a variety of conditions from unissued to completely knackered, tonight we have a pair of 37 pattern pouches that definitely fall in to the unissued category. As has been discussed before RAF 37 pattern webbing produced in blue grey was gradually introduced from the middle of World War Two onwards, used alongside a range of 25 pattern equipment. Much of this webbing has never been issued and indeed as can be seen in the picture below, these pouches were still folded up when I received them, exactly as they had left the factory. As usual the 37 pattern webbing manual provides a description:

Basic Pouches- These are interchangeable, and are rectangular in shape to contain two Bren Gun magazines each, or a number of grenades, or S.A.A:imageA buckle is provided at the top of each pouch for the attachment of the brace:imagethis buckle has a loop at the top which serves for connecting the hook on the shoulder strap:imageTwo double hooks are fitted to the back of each pouch for attachment to the waistbelt:imageThe flaps on the top of these pouches are secured by a brass press stud:imageThese were later replaced by quick release fasteners that were supposed to be easier to use in a hurry, but in reality were more trouble than they were worth due to the fraying that came with use. These pouches were made in 1942 by Bagcraft:imageThe ‘Mk III’ label indicates that these pouches are ½” longer than the original issue of pouches, the extra space allowing them to be used to carry sten gun magazines. These RAF pouches are easily available in mint condition like this pair and if, for some unknown reason, you wish to add a pair to your collection like me; they should not set you back more than about £12 for a pair.

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