1917 Souvenir Greetings Card

Embroidered cards were very popular during WW1. Although they are often thought to have been produced by troops, the reality is probably more prosaic with enterprising French factories machine embroidering them for sale to British soldiers who then sent them home. This example is very easy to date as it has ‘1917’ across the front!imageThe numbers of the date are embroidered in the national flags of some of the allies, in this case from l to r: UK, Belgium, Italy, France and the USA. The inside of the card has a separate paper insert, held in by a piece of ribbon:imageOn the left is a space for a message, in this case from ‘Your Loving Uncle Will’ to ‘Jane Sutcliffe’:imageOn the right is a little sentimental epigram, typical of greetings cards of all generations:imageThis card has clearly been treasured for many years and came into my possession thirteen years ago when I paid 50p for it on a market stall, the day being imprinted on my mind as it was my A-Level results day! These cards are still available for a few pounds but tend to be buried in boxes of other less interesting postcards and ephemera: as ever the effort of searching through can yield just rewards for the patient collector.

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