1949 Pattern TA Officer’s Battledress Blouse

It is interesting to see the sort of embellishments officers in the British Army are allowed to make to their uniforms. Despite there being regulations on exactly how an officer’s uniform should be cut and presented, a blind eye is frequently turned to regimental and personal embellishments as long as they are not too ridiculous. Tonight we have an interesting battledress blouse that has been modified by the owner, a captain in the Duke of Wellington’s Regiment:imageAs can be seen this uniform is a standard British Army 1949 pattern battledress, the label inside indicates it was made in 1954 by D Miller and Co and is a size 11:imageWhere it differs is that the officer has replaced the standard green plastic buttons on the front pockets with staybrite regimental buttons:imageThe same has been done on the cuffs:imageThe uniform has embroidered white on red felt shoulder titles:imageUnderneath this is the polar bear formation badge of the 49th West Riding and Midland TA division:imageThis territorial army division from the 1950s and 60s inherited the history and insignia of its famous wartime predecessor. The officer has a single medal ribbon on his uniform:imageThis ribbon is for the ‘Territorial Decoration’ awarded to TA reservists who had served for a minimum of twenty years. The shoulder straps have cloth ‘pips’ indicating the officer was a captain:imageThese 49 pattern battledress blouses have been widely ignored by collectors for years in favour of wartime uniforms, however with their brightly coloured insignia and the passage of time they are starting to find a more appreciative audience and are becoming increasingly collectible. Whilst plain 49 pattern BD blouses can be found from £10 upwards, those with original badges are starting to make over £50 each depending on the attractiveness of the insignia and I would expect these prices to continue to climb so they are well worth investigating now whilst they are still affordable.

2 thoughts on “1949 Pattern TA Officer’s Battledress Blouse

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