Officer’s Field Service Cap

Whilst the Field Service cap became the standard item of headwear for other ranks in 1937, most officers continued to use the Service Dress Cap for many occasions. They were however allowed the option of purchasing their own FS caps and some did choose to purchase these for wear in the field and in less formal situations. This example is one of these officer’s FS caps:imageAs can be seen it follows the design of the Other Ranks’ FS cap very closely, only the fabric is better quality with a fine barathea being used. The buttons on the front of the cap are bronzed rather than plain brass:imageHere the cap badge is a (rather worn) Royal Army Catering Corps bronzed officer’s example:imageThe inside of the cap is lined with a type of rayon artificial fabric and has a maker’s label for Simpson of Piccadilly:imageSimpson of Piccadilly was opened in April 1936 as the largest menswear store in the world at the time:GB-1837-DES-EMB-2-7-1During the Second World War the company was one of the largest suppliers of officers’ uniforms and the company produced over seven million items of clothing and opened the top floor of their London store as a club for servicemen where they could bathe, sleep and telephone their loved ones.

Officers had a lot of leeway in their choice of uniform and they varied in details form regiment to regiment and tailor to tailor. Senior officers frequently tried to standardise what was worn at a regimental level, but one feels they knew they were fighting a losing battle!

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