France and Germany Star

Soldiers in the First World War were only issued three basic medals, the 1914-15 Star, the War Medal and the Victory Medal. After the Second World War the British government issued a much wider selection of campaign medals covering many of the different theatres of war:

  • 1939-45 Star
  • Atlantic Star
  • Air Crew Europe Star
  • Africa Star
  • Pacific Star
  • Burma Star
  • Italy Star
  • France and Germany Star

Belatedly in 2012 an Arctic Star was instituted as well. These medals were also accompanied by a Defence Medal and a War Medal of circular design. I was pleased to pick up the France and Germany Star for £5 on Tuesday’s second hand market; it was missing a ribbon, but a pound on another stall soon remedied that situation! The medal itself follows the standard design with a six pointed star struck in yellow copper zinc alloy. The medal is suspended from a ribbon passing through a ring at the uppermost point:imageThe reverse of the medal is plain, whilst the obverse has the Royal G VI R cypher with a crown above and a circle describing the medal, in this case France and Germany Star:FullSizeRenderThe ribbon is striped blue-white-red-white-blue:Ribbon_-_France_and_Germany_StarThese colours represent the national flags of the UK, France and Belgium. The medal was issued to those who served in Western Europe between June 6th 1944 and 8th May 1945 inclusive. These medals are not hard to find and seem to fetch around £20 each for an original (beware fakes are out there!).

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