Mk 6 Helmet Leaflet

The Mk 6 helmet was the standard combat helmet in the British Army from 1986 to 2009 and is still in widespread use by secondary forces such as cadets, the Royal Navy and RAF. The helmet was the first British design to use bonded ballistic nylon and was a major departure from the traditional steel helmet used up until that point. Tonight we are looking at an A4 leaflet issued on its introduction giving troops more details about their new helmet, its care, use and fitting (as ever click on the image for a larger version):SKMBT_C36415062207170_0001As can be seen the front of the leaflet emphasises the increased protection the helmet offers and the fact that it is not made of steel so should not be used as a hammer, shovel of water container! The cut away diagram is particularly interesting and shows many of the features of the new helmet:SKMBT_C36415062207170_0001 - CopyThe reverse of the leaflet gives more information on sizes, fitting and wearing the helmet with NBC equipment:SKMBT_C36415062207170_0002I am unsure if these leaflets were only issued with the first batches of the helmets (which the reference to the earlier steel helmet would imply) or if they continued to be issued throughout the production life of the Mk6. Having worn the Mk 6 on quite a few occasions I have found that if it’s my own helmet and adjusted carefully then it is comfortable and easy to wear. If however it is a helmet from a pool then it is always a challenge to find one of an appropriate size and quickly adjust the chin strap for comfort as the adjusters are not brilliant for use in a hurry. Normally it is best to have an oppo help to get a good adjustment.

These helmets gave the British Army sterling service for many years, with the Mk7 which replaced them being very similar, only lighter and designed to work better with body armour which had not been an issue when the Mk 6 was introduced. The helmets themselves are easily available and this leaflet accompanies the example in my collection nicely.

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