HMS Ceres Menu

Whilst I have picked up various bits of HMS Ceres ephemera over the years from eBay, I never expected to find any on the Huddersfield second hand market. Therefore I was extremely surprised and delighted to find tonight’s object this morning and quickly parted with my pound! Following the scrapping of the C Class cruiser HMS Ceres, the name was used for a supply and secretariat training establishment in Wetherby, Yorkshire from 1946 to 1958. This menu was used for Christmas Day 1950 at the establishment:SKMBT_C36415061608090_0001Opening the menu we have the ship’s crest:SKMBT_C36415061608080_0001And the menu for the day’s food:SKMBT_C36415061608080_0001 - CopyWhilst the rear has been left blank to let the ship’s company sign the menu as a souvenir:SKMBT_C36415061608090_0001 - CopyThe base was quite substantial, with married quarters and a mixed ships company of men and WRENS. Thousands were to pass through its gates in the twelve years it was open:ceres b

ceres eThis view of the ‘half deck’ gives and indication of the size of the base:ceres aWhilst this view shows ‘divisions’ at the unit in the early 1950s:ceres cLuckily the name Ceres has remained associated with West Yorkshire on and off ever since, and Ceres Division (my unit) is one of the fastest growing RNR units in the country, although now based in Leeds rather than Wetherby.

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