Jungle First Aid Kit

Jungles are hazardous places to conduct a war, with a constant danger of disease, insect and leach bites and an atmosphere that can quickly turn a small scratch into a festering sore. Added to all this, any injuries suffered through combat provide an easy access point for infection. Therefore it is essential that troops have adequate medical kits to help deal with the worst the jungle has to throw at them. This was recognised by the British when they were designing the 1944 pattern jungle equipment and its associated accoutrements. This little medical kit was the answer:imageIt is small enough to slip into a pocket, but has a wide range of medication for use in the tropics. It would have been carried by a section leader, in this case a Sergeant Pearson:imageThe case is made of green waterproofed cloth and has a large maker’s mark and /|\ stamp on the outside:imageSadly the printing is too indistinct to identify the manufacturer or date. Inside is a printed instruction label, telling the user what each of the items is to be used for:imageThe opposite side of the case has a series of loops for the small aluminium containers containing the various tablets:imageThe cylinders are all marked with a /|\ and three of the four have the names of the drugs they contain stamped on them:imageOpening the tubes there is a small wad of cotton wool holding the tablets in securely so they don’t rattle around:imageThere is also a larger rectangular box:imageThis has a razor blade and antiseptic pens for dealing with cuts and leaches:imageThe final loop is filled with a morphine syrette:imageThis is a remarkably rare survivor (it is however empty!), and still has the plastic protector that went over it to prevent it being squeezed in use:imageFinally there is a small pocket behind the instruction label that has a 1944 dated packet of self adhesive plasters:imageThese little first aid kits are rare, and the completeness of this one is remarkable. As is so often the way this was a case of being at the right place at the right time and I have yet to see another one come on the market, although a less complete example is illustrated in ‘Khaki Drill and Jungle Green’.

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