Tuesday Finds

A few nice items on the second hand market this morning, including some nice home front items from WW2. As well as the items below, I picked up a saw cover which we will look at in detail later. In the meantime enjoy the following little items:

 Civilian Duty Gas Mask Instruction Leaflet

This large leaflet was produced to accompany the civilian duty gas mask (see here). It is probably from before the war as these were often the first items to be deleted in production. The cover has a nice picture of a man wearing the gas mask:SKMBT_C36415042808210_0001Whilst inside are the instructions for wear:SKMBT_C36415042808220_0001And the rear has a list of Siebe, Gorman & Co Ltd’s products:

SKMBT_C36415042808211_0001Suet Box

Packaging for food during the war was drastically changed, with smaller simpler labels and poorer quality paper and card in use. This unused box for Orlux Suet Pudding is an example of a box made form a recycled card with just a simple one colour printing:SKMBT_C36415042815140_0001Ration Book Holder

This card cover for ration books was given away as an advertising promotion by Tate and Lyle Sugar. Ration books were only made of paper and got tatty very quickly as they were in constant use, so any form of protection for them would have been appreciated. On the front of the holder is a cartoon sugar cube:SKMBT_C36415042815150_0001Who reappears on the rear:SKMBT_C36415042815151_0001Inside is a message about the products and fighting against the nationalisation of the sugar industry:SKMBT_C36415042815152_0001It must have been successful as sugar remained in private hands throughout the war.

Royal Navy Brass Plate

This little spun brass dish is probably a little souvenir made up by an apprentice in the Royal Navy. It is approximately six inches across and has a King’s Crown Royal Navy badge in the centre:image

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