1944 Pattern Jack Knife

A few months back we looked at the ‘standard’ British Army jack knife of WW2; standard is perhaps a bit of a misnomer though as there appear to be myriad variations of the black handled jack knife! In 1944 though a new pattern of jack knife was introduced that did away with the black composite Bexoid type grips in favour of an all metal, stainless steel knife:imageThis jack knife is commonly associated with the 1944 pattern jungle equipment and is sometimes referred to as a Burma knife, although it was in fact used widely in all theatres of operations in the post war period. The handle of the knife instructs the owner to oil the joints frequently, presumably to prevent rust on a vulnerable area whilst in use. Opening the knife out reveals a standard blade and a can opener/bottle opener:imageThere is a ring on one end that allows a lanyard to be attached and the knife is clearly marked with a date of 1945, the /|\ British army mark and a manufacturer’s name of SSP:imageSSP stands for Sheffield Steel Products and is the same manufacturer as the knife we considered here. These knives are slightly harder to find than the more widely produced Bexoid type, however they are not rare and can be picked up for under £10 in a lot of cases.

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