RAF Cartridge Carriers

Tonight we are looking at a pair of RAF blue grey cartridge carriers. You may remember we looked at the army version of these webbing carriers here. These are virtually identical except for the colour:FullSizeRenderThe following description comes form the official pamphlet on the 37 pattern webbing set;

 These are interchangeable and each comprise two pockets woven integrally:FullSizeRender1The interior of each pocket is divided by a partition into two compartments, each holding one clip of five rounds. Flaps, with beaded edges, are secured by means of snap fasteners, the lower studs being used when the pockets contain only one clip or are empty:FullSizeRender3An extension piece of webbing is fitted centrally to the back of each to carry a buckle for connection of the braces:FullSizeRender4A brass link is provided below the buckle to enable the end of the brace to be passed behind the carrier:FullSizeRender2Two double hooks are fitted to the back of the carrier to connect it to the waistband:FullSizeRender4 - CopyThis set of carriers is marked MW&S indicating they were made by Martin Wright & Sons and dated 1941. The RAF introduced Blue grey 37 pattern in 1941 and many items date from this first batch. Like many items of RAF webbing they appear to be unissued and I have yet to see any contemporary photograph of the RAF using cartridge carriers, however as they were produced in blue grey both in the UK and Canada I assume some use must have been made of them. RAF blue grey 37 pattern webbing is very overlooked these days and many items can be picked up for less than half the price of their army equivalents.FullSizeRender

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