Royal Engineers Antimacassar

Throughout the Second World War handy crafts were a popular and cheap hobby for both servicemen and civilians. The resulting items often had a direct link to the conflict and those serving in the armed forces. Tonight we have an embroidered antimacassar with the badge of the Royal Engineers:

B8DB5AC2-1821-4B82-96E2-211FCDD57829An antimacassar is a small cloth placed over teh back of a sofa or chair to protect the fabric from damage and wear. In the 1940s, when men regularly war hair oil and Brycream, these were very common to prevent grease stains from appearing on upholstery. The name comes from macassar oil that was used on the hair in the early 19th century.

 During the war embroidery kits were advertised and sold through shops and magazines and consisted of a pre printed piece of fabric, embroidery silks and needles. These kits were available with virtually all regimental crests, as well as Royal Naval and Royal Air Force insignia pre printed on the cloth. As can be seen this example has the GVI version of teh Royla Engineers cap badge, dating it nicely to WW2. The finished results vary considerable based on the skill of the embroiderer, this example is very nicely sewn however as can be seen the main cap badge has been completed and the red background started but never finished:

777ACEA4-88BB-4580-B9FE-2DAB98491D9AThese items are pretty easy to find and normally don’t command high prices but are still attractive and useful items; in the case of this one I have used it on the back of a chair in my lounge for the last five years.

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