Long Service and Good Conduct Medal

I will be honest with you, I don’t collect medals. I have never found them particularly interesting and normally they are out of my price bracket. Despite this, I have a small number of medals that I have been given over the years. My favourite is this one, an Indian Long Service and Good Conduct Medal:

29EA01B8-FB4D-4F6B-918F-732DC8432DF0This medal was given to me by a friend of my Grandfather many years ago, unfortunately both he and my grandfather are both now dead so I am not sure if they were his medals or not. The medal is made of silver with the head of King George VI on the obverse.  Above this is the fixed suspension bar bearing the name of the colony ‘India’ indicating its issue to a member of the Indian Army. The Reverse has the inscription ‘For Long Service and Good Conduct’:

73496316-32F4-4A12-8A6C-37F499DBC6C2The medal was awarded for eighteen years unblemished service and has a crimson ribbon with white stripes down either edge. The edge of the medal is inscribed with the recipients name, number and regiment:FDD82D4B-6FC2-44B4-A180-C5421864D87FIn this case it is to Staff Sergeant D M Merson of the Indian Army Ordnance Corps. It is not unusual to find white senior NCOs in the Indian Army, working alongside their Indian colleagues during the long process of Indianisation after the end of the Great War. The Indian Army Ordnance Corps fulfilled the same role for the Indian Army as the Royal Army Ordnance Corps in the British Army, tracing its own history back as far as 1775. They were responsible for maintaining weapons, armoured vehicles and other military equipment. The Indian Army Ordnance Corps is still in existence as part of the modern Indian Army.

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