Nordenfelt 6pdr Shell Casing

Tonight’s item is a shell casing from a Nordenfelt 6 pounder, dating to 1901. The Nodrdenfelt Quick Firing 6 pounder was a 57mm short single barrelled gun used on board ships and for coastal defence by many different countries. Britain introduced the gun as the ‘Ordnance QF 6 Pounder Nordenfelt’ in 1885. They were used as a light gun for protection against fast moving, lightly armoured torpedo boats that were becoming popular with navies of the era. Below we can see examples on HMS Camperdown in the late 1880s:

800px-HMS_Camperdown_QF_6_pounder_Nordenfelt_Gun_DrillMultiple Nordenfelt guns were mounted around the ship with clear arcs of fire to put down a large volume of shells to try and blow torpedo boats out of the water before they got into range to launch their weapons at the capital ship. The guns were light and handy to manoeuvre, easily operated and quickly reloaded by a small crew, making them ideal for close, quick firing protection. The gun had a range of approximately 4000 yards and could fire around 12 aimed shots a minute. The innovation which allowed this high rate of fire was combining the casing, propellant and shell into a single, easily handled unit. Up to this point most naval guns had used separate elements that slowed the rate of fire down. My case is approximately 12 inches high, with fairly straight sides and has traces of chroming on the outside:FB9EA0CC-83D9-47B2-914B-79468EEF32DCAs can be seen the case has been modified at some point by having the top turned over, however the base of the case still has a multitude of markings:

C8D24075-0CC9-4C6C-85A9-2B6FA9422354From these we can see that the case was originally manufactured in 1901, was loaded with a Cordite Full Charge and refilled with the same charge at a later date (CFF Stamp). When it was reloaded the case was annealed (A in the circle). The gun was shortlived with the Royal Navy as the very similar Hotchkiss 6 pounder became widely adopted instead. The Nordenfelt was a simple gun to use an maintain, consisting of only 10 working parts for its breach and firing mechanism and was to be used by many navies across the world in the run up to WW1. The example below is in the Manege Military Museum, Helsinki, Finland:450px-57_mm_48_cal_Nordenfelt_Maneesi_4

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