Christmas Dinner Postcard

Tonight we have the last of our three festive objects, with a postcard of a Christmas lunch for soldiers, somewhere behind the lines in the Great War:

SKMBT_C36414120815050_0001As can be seen the dinner seems to be taking place in a wooden hut, though no location can be discerned. The hut has been decorated for Christmas with what look to be paper decorations and what might be green foliage, whilst a storm lantern hangs from the ceiling:SKMBT_C36414120815050_0001bThe simple wooden table seems piled high with food on the white table cloth:SKMBT_C36414120815050_0001c

 The men themselves seem to all be NCOs judging by the stripes visible on the sleeves and the age of those around the table:

SKMBT_C36414120815050_0001dWhilst they all seem to have white lanyards on their left shoulders indicating they are members of the Royal Artillery:SKMBT_C36414120815050_0001eJust visible behind the seated figures can be made out the bunks indicating that the barracks were normally used for sleeping and the men are not in a purpose built dining hut:SKMBT_C36414120815050_0001f

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