Other Services Water Bottle Carrier

Whilst most troops are issued with some form of webbing, there are always some who do not need a full set of equipment and today’s object is part of the webbing used by those personnel. The webbing Water Bottle Carrier, Other Services was introduced in 1943 and replaced an equivelant leather example. The carrier was used by services such as the ATS and drivers who would not need a set of 37 pattern webbing.

The carrier consists of a webbing cradle for the bottle with an adjustable shoulder strap:

669F95B2-1895-433A-A8B3-D0B5DE980420 The strap is adjusted by a buckle that allows it to be shortened or lengthened:

43724634-FEDA-440D-A847-60C1A078CF6C This example is stamped inside with a date of 1953:

C7987E6D-132E-4A65-A56E-591C5C16B609 As can be seen there is also a /|\ mark and a stores code. These water bottle carriers  seem to have come on the market in large quantities in the last few months. This example was a buy it now from eBay and the seller had loads more available for under a tenner. They had rather limited use, but at that price are a nice pick up for the collection.



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