44 Pattern Water Bottle and Carrier

Tonight we are looking at the 44 pattern water bottle and carrier. Perhaps the surprising thing about the 44 pattern water bottle is how long it took to be introduced. Even before the 37 pattern webbing set had been issued to troops it was clear that the enamelled steel water bottle was hopelessly outmoded. It was an awkward shape, impossible to clean properly, the enamel chipped easily allowing it to rust and the cork rotted and disintegrated after extensive use. These problems were all apparent before the war and an aluminium bottle was introduced- and then rapidly withdrawn.

 Both the water bottle and its holder draw heavily upon the US M1910 water bottle and cradle. The 44 pattern webbing finally took notice of the design that the Americans had been using for the last 34 years and gave the British Soldier his first effective modern water bottle:

5D61C982-B7ED-4CCC-B103-CD56E0E06DBFFrom above we can see the wire hook that allows the water bottle and carrier to be slung from the 44 pattern belt:

291D30B7-E3CA-4CFE-A7AB-EF49A5E2CD16The bottle itself is made from aluminium, without seams that can leak. This is an early pattern bottle as it has a metal rather than a plastic top:

B99753B2-ADE1-4541-985E-8692BAE8CE05The cup is also made of metal with two wire handles that interlock for stability:

0F87F866-56F1-47D3-81C3-028B50D16E9DThis cup was highly prized by troops as it could be heated directly, unlike the plastic examples used on the later 58 pattern set. The bottle slots into the cup for storage:

56DAF9B4-833F-449B-9C93-55A7374F44A1In the rear of the cover is a small pocket to hold a Millbank bag:74168F9D-161A-47DB-AE76-1EBB25FF9907This is a filtration bag, it is filled with water and suspended, allowing the water to drip through leaving any impurities behind. Sterilising tablets can then be added to make it safe to drink. This example is dated 1945:208A380C-1C71-441D-BFD7-705014332F21And a set of instructions for use are printed on a label near the mouth:

ABD2E434-7C02-4966-99C5-C6A9EC61629BThe 44 pattern water bottle has remained highly popular with troops, even after it was officially withdrawn as obsolete and is still sought after by those serving today. Not surprisingly then examples are not as common or cheap as their more numerous predecessors.

2 thoughts on “44 Pattern Water Bottle and Carrier

  1. Darren

    one of the best pieces of equipment the army has ever issued. The Carrier is excellent bit of kit well designed, practical and adaptable

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