1939 Pattern Greatcoat

Tonight we have the last of the three new items I picked up on Saturday from a fellow collector. Introduced in April 1939, the 39 pattern greatcoat replaced the single breasted coat introduced before the Great War. The new greatcoat was rolled out slowly, existing stocks being used up before replacement, however by mid 1940 it was in common use. The coat itself is double breasted, made of a heavy khaki wool:

DB9CF20B-99B2-4B7E-9DFC-BAB285083E27It is secured by brass general service buttons up the front:

A810C88A-7ED2-44B2-A7BD-701A8CE4192EWhilst to the rear is a half belt, secured with three smaller brass buttons that allows the size of the coat to be adjusted:


The belt can be pulled back inside the coat, for maximum expansion, via two reinforced slots:

A93BBE1E-E509-486E-9BD1-B3AF363C7C58The 39 pattern coat was to be short-lived as problems soon became apparent and a new 1941 pattern introduced that had an expansion pleat on the rear to allow further expansion to fit the coat over webbing and other equipment. The other major change was to be the addition of a ‘jigger’ button inside the coat to help support the weight of the material and keep the coat hanging correctly. This 39 pattern example has been modified to achieve the same aim with a button sewn on the underside of one lapel:8EEF8D8C-732E-45B2-AC09-39B598AA9D82Whilst a string loop has been added to the opposite side to fasten around it:

75BE711A-330C-4868-9CC1-2806687480CBThe neatness of the additions suggest that this change was probably done in unit in a semi-official capacity. Sadly this coat is missing its label and the date code is too faint to read, however the production of these coats ended in 1941 so there is only a three year window for manufacture, despite this the coats would have continued being worn until they wore out. This is another item I’ve wanted for a while, I’ve had the 41 pattern greatcoat for several years, but the 39 pattern is much harder to find.

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