Tuesday Finds

A quieter day on the market today, but still some nice finds. I don’t know if it is the weather turning colder or the run up to Christmas, but there definitely seemed to be fewer stalls than usual today.

World War One Postcards

A nice trio of postcards today. These were all from the same seller and in my opinion are all local to the West Riding of Yorkshire. The first is a nice studio portrait of a very young man in the uniform of the Duke of Wellington’s Regiment:

SKMBT_C36414120211220_0001bThe Dukes were based in Halifax, but recruited widely across the region. This chap barely looks out of school. I am guessing this is fairly early in the Great War as he has the stiff SD cap and the shoulder titles seem quite elaborate. On the rear is pencilled the name James Charles Howard. Looking at the index of medal cards, and assuming the name refers to the soldier on the front, the most likely candidate is 35237 Private James Howard. Note how the collar of the Service Dress has been fitted with hooks and eyes to draw it together. This modification was unofficial but common to smarten the appearance of the tunic.

The second of the three postcards is an unusual portrait of a soldier with presumably his daughter:SKMBT_C36414120211220_0001This postcard is unusual in that it is taken outside a house, rather than in a studio. Camera ownership was still not widespread in the Great War so most pictures taken of ordinary soldiers and their families were done at photographers’ studios, like the other two images. The stonework of the house, blackened sandstone, again suggests the West Riding of Yorkshire. Sadly any insignia that might have identified a regiment is obscured.

The final postcard is of a sailor with his parents:SKMBT_C36414120211190_0001aThe parents are both rather austere Victorian types, whilst the young man is wearing the style of ratings uniform in use in the Great War. The postcard is stamped ‘BELLE VUE STUDIO, BRADFORD’. Interestingly the style of bench the sitters are using is very similar to that used in the first photograph. They are not identical so it could be a typical photographer’s prop, but it is intriguing none the less.

NBC Trousers MkIV

The other major find of the day is a pair of MkIV NBC trousers. These are in DPM and replaced the olive-green type seen on this blog previously:

4D6F192A-6C4E-4E24-8DE3-3EC337D9F2B1Inside a label gives the date of manufacture as 1988:

AE5FA9C0-3352-46FA-9CA9-D79C3D612A4BThe trousers are secured by a pair of cloth tapes that pass over the shoulders like braces:

9D7C1D35-2FCF-4172-8B2C-9BDFE8A15C0BWhilst at the feet Velcro allows the legs to be drawn tight to help keep out chemical or biological agents:


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