Indian Made 37 pattern belt

Tonight we are looking at an Indian made 37 pattern belt. This is the first of three blog posts for some new items I picked up off a friend yesterday. As we have seen before Indian made webbing is a distinct subset of equipment which the brave or foolhardy try and track down. The 37 pattern belt is the same as its British counterpart, but in the usual softer Indian cotton:


The metal fittings are much poorer quality than British webbing. This is the male fastening:


And the female:



Whilst on on the back are two buckles that fasten to the cross straps when a full set is made up:



On the reverse of the belt are loops to allow the length to be adjusted, and on this example evidence of where damage has been repaired:



This belt allows me to finally assemble my Indian 37 pattern set. Tomorrow is my 100th post, so I have something special for you all.

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