Jungle Respirator Case

The introduction of 44 pattern webbing in the final days of World War Two was not limited just to the actual webbing, but rather was an entire set of equipment designed for use in the jungles of the Far East. It was designed to be both more resilient to the destructive effects of the warm and humid jungle and to better blend in with the greenery than the typical tan equipment used at the start of the war. Whilst the reasoning behind this was eminently sensible, the desire to create a uniform system did throw up some anachronisms, one being the jungle light weight respirator case.

The recently introduced light weight respirator came with a light green bag that could either be slung over the shoulder with a strap or secured to the belt with two ‘C’ hooks on its rear. The new Jungle respirator case was identical to its temperate counterpart, but produced in a darker shade of green. One does wonder if it was really worth the trouble of producing a dark green version of the bag, as surely the light green bag would have been just as effective amongst the various shades of foliage in an average jungle?1E33E986-9ABD-4B2E-A74A-2FEEE6A9DD68This example is a dark green bag, secured by a quick release loop and staple fastener at the front:CF2ED83A-AC25-4C94-B8DD-C8914CDF0029On the rear are two belt clips:4E179887-9CA6-4684-AB83-66A7D3428880Whilst a cotton strap allows it to be carried on the shoulder:3282D66D-DF47-4D41-9337-D0A15315302BOn either side are two pockets for the anti-gas ointment tins:7A0C2A1D-0917-4DA8-AADC-FCC0233FEDE3Whilst at the rear of the inside is a pocket for anti-gas goggles:BBE6B906-9C3B-4D75-BB26-950927E0D6DEFor comparison, this is the Jungle respirator case alongside the more common light green version:A5F0CF5D-070E-4EF1-9A01-1BE521871CB9

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