RAF Greatcoats (Continued)

Following Saturday’s post on the New Pattern RAF greatcoat a good friend and fellow collector has supplied me with photographs of his wartime greatcoat for comparison. I am not going to repeat the details of the differences again, but I will place the photos side by side so you can see how they compare. I hope this will prove useful to other collectors when looking to add a greatcoat to their collection.

Wartime:10805130_10152383555796610_359040703_nNew Pattern:21DACD7F-A827-45ED-9858-482AA24357F9


New Pattern:E170F091-D4AB-4EF5-BA1C-0D1935C032BDWartime:10805317_10152383555726610_1769475901_n

New Pattern:E1786AF7-B7C8-447A-A40C-B73B4348CCF1


New Pattern:


Wartime:10754875_10152383555316610_969836709_nNew Pattern:


(WW2 Greatcoat courtesy of the Andrew Dearlove Collection)

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