NBC Haversack and Contents

Following on from last week’s NBC find, I have set out the contents of my mid-1980s NBC haversack, this is an almost complete set now and demonstrates one of my favourite bits of collecting. I like tracking down all the bits to fill the various bags and packs I have, In this case it wasn’t too hard as most of the contents are easy to find and fairly cheap…


1. Spare Respirator Canister- A spare canister for the respirator is carried inside the bag in a special pouch on the right hand side. These should be sealed to keep them clean and ready for use. This example is missing the foil sealing packet.

2. S6 Respirator- The first modern NBC respirator used by the British Army, the S6 was developed at Porton Down in the 1950s. It is made of soft black rubber, with a 40mm thread to allow a canister to be quickly screwed on. It was available in either a right or left handed version and has an elastic strap system to secure it firmly to the face.

3. Haversack Mk 2- The haversack is made of a nuclear and biological agent resistant Butyl Nylon with pockets for all the contents. The bag has a strap for securing it over a shoulder and a belt loop allowing it to be worn on the 58 pattern webbing.

4. Detector Paper No2 Mk1 Liquid One Colour- This is chemically treated paper designed to be attached to various points on the suit, it changes colour and spots appear on it if a chemical agent is present.

5. Kit Decontamination No1Mk1 DKP1- This is a cloth pad filled with fuller’s earth used to decontaminate uniform and equipment. The pad is blotted on the chemical agent, turned over and banged to release the powder and then rubbed to absorb the chemical agent- ‘blot, bang, rub’.

6. Survive to Fight NBC Manual- This is the 1983 edition of this simple picture handbook giving troops the basics they needed to know in how to survive and fight in an NBC environment.

7. Pralidoxomine Mesylate Tablets- See last week’s ‘Tuesday Finds’ Post for more details

8. Kit Decontamination No2Mk1 DKP2- This is a plastic puffer bottle filled with fuller’s earth. The bottle is designed to allow fuller’s earth to be blown onto areas that the DKP1 pad can’t reach.

9. Anti Dimmng Tin- This little tin, unchanged from the second world war, contains an agent that can be applied to the eye pieces of the mask to prevent them misting up with condensation from the soldier’s breath. One end has the agent, the other a cloth to apply it.

10. Gloves, Protective NBC Inner- These cotton gloves were designed to be worn under the outer rubber NBC gloves. They helped the wearer retain sensitivity under the heavy gloves .

11. Autoject Pen- See last week’s ‘Tuesday Finds’ Post for more details


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