Indian made underpants

As a collector of Militaria, I have bought many weird and wonderful items for my collection over the years, many of which have made my wife think I need serious medical help, however these are perhaps one of the oddest items I have picked up.

These are an indian made pair of pants, made out of a lightweight khaki cotton fabric:


Unfortunately the buttons are missing, with rusty marks where they had been, I do have some replacements somewhere and when I find them I will restore them. Inside is a standard indian circular date stamp, dating them to January 1943:


There is also a makers stamp for a ‘PM&Co’:


I haven’t been able to identify who this company was, so if anyone has any more details please let me know.

This pair of pants is the first pair of Indian made ones I’ve come across, australian made ones seem very common, but I’m guessing these are much rarer. As has probably become apparent I like indian made kit, and these are a nice addition, but I fear getting a full set of indian made personal kit is going to be a long job…


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