Latest Pickups

Just to prove that not all my collection comes from the second hand market, these latest pickups came from EBay and the Car Boot Sale.

Auscam Shorts

These shorts are Australian camouflage shorts as used by the Australian Army in Afghanistan. The camouflage is technically called ‘Disruptive Pattern, Desert Uniform’ (DPDU), but is commonly called ‘Auscam’. This is the third pattern desert camouflage and was introduced in 2002:imageThe shorts have a label inside showing they were made in Victoria in 2006:imageThey have Velcro adjusters on either side if the waistband and belt loops. I need to replace the front waist button, but otherwise they are a nice piece of uniform for the collection.

WW1 Boot Brush

This little brush is dated 1918 and has the W /|\ D mark and a makers mark for Vale and Bradhark:imageIt is a good example of militaria appearing in the unlikeliest places. It was in a pile of brushes on a boot sale stall and I looked through on the off chance and got lucky. 50p for WW1 personal kit is a good deal in anyone’s book!image

Swedish Side Cap

And now for something completely different… This is a 1939 pattern Swedish  Permissionsmosa cap made of grey wool:image Inside is the three crowns acceptance mark for the Swedish Army and the size 58:imageOn the front is the yellow and blue cockade of Sweden:imageSwedish militaria from World War Two is cheap and in superb condition as it was never used in anger. Makes a very different area of collecting…


  1. If there’s any other Auscam uniform items that you want I’ll happily send them to you for cost of postage from Australia. I have heaps of spares.

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